Exceptional durability with four and a half times higher scratch resistance

The approximately 10,000 square meter floor of the production hall of the largest textile group in northern Portugal, Polopique, is exposed to very high mechanical and thermal stresses. With MasterTop 1912, we offer an innovative flooring system that combines exceptional durability with long-lasting aesthetics.

The advanced Xolutec® technology from Master Builders Solutions gives the floor high scratch resistance and ensures that it still looks like new even under strong mechanical load. In addition, the product convinces with very low VOC emissions.

“The old floor was very problematic and had many characteristics that we didn't like, so a quick lasting intervention was necessary.”

Isabel Carneiro, General Manager, Polopique

Vizela, Portugal

Polopique offers a wide range of textile products, from the raw material to the finished garment. The large machines and the transportation of goods in the production hall put the floor to the test every day. “The old floor had many problem zones, although it was a relatively new building”, Isabel Carneiro, General Manager of Polopique, remarks. With MasterTop 1912, Polopique opted for an innovative flooring solution that guarantees high aesthetic durability, scratch and wear resistance and low emissions. “Polopique is aware of its responsibility towards the environment and society”, Carneiro says. “For us it is important to produce as sustainable as possible and to include sustainable technologies into our production process. This was the reason for our decision to choose this flooring system for our plant.”

Quantified Sustainable Benefits

The use of the innovative MasterTop 1912 flooring system provides Polopique with considerable quantifiable sustainable benefits. In numbers:

Reduced cleaning and maintenance costs

The cleaning effectiveness of MasterTop 1912 provides a long term, low maintenance structured semi-gloss floor finish.*Compared to conventional water based top coats. Figures provided are based on an actual case from textile manufacturer Polopique in Vizela, Portugal

higher scratch resistance

MasterTop 1912 is the innovative flooring solution for exceptional aesthetic durability.*Compared to conventional water based top coats. Figures provided are based on an actual case from textile manufacturer Polopique in Vizela, Portugal

Less VOC emissions

MasterTop 1912 captivates by low volatile organic compounds (AgBB conform).*Compared to conventional water based top coats. Figures provided are based on an actual case from textile manufacturer Polopique in Vizela, Portugal

“Master Top 1912 is a flooring system for industrial areas where the requirements for aesthetic durability and wear resistance are very high.”

Carla Santos, Sales Team Lead Master Builders Solutions, Portugal

Master Builders Solutions is proud of its more than 100 years of experience in the manufacture of sustainable system solutions for the construction industry. Polopique is a reference factory for Master Builders Solutions in Portugal. “In my opinion”, Santos says, “we have gained Polopique's trust through the solutions we have implemented in other areas with different requirements. Based on this trust, they asked us to develop a suitable solution for further areas at the production site.” The advanced Xolutec® technology makes MasterTop 1912 quick and easy to apply.

“The MasterTop 1912 system consists of a primer, a base layer and a topcoat. It is applied in several steps to obtain a high-quality end result.”

António Esteves, President, Pavieste Pavimentos Industriais

Pavieste is a medium-sized Portuguese company specializing in the installation of industrial floors and has carried out floor renovation at Polopique. “When we received the order from Polopique, we set up a test surface with the MasterTop 1912 system”, Esteves reports.​ “​ The result of the sample was excellent, Polopique was satisfied, the system was tested for some time and worked very well!” Pavieste benefited from the advanced Xolutec® technology, which makes the floor quick and easy to apply.

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