Optimized concrete rheology for superior concrete-production results

Austrian-based Eder Group proudly looks back on more than 120 years of concrete and brick production. Using MasterEase from Master Builders Solutions, the company was able to significantly increase the productivity and quality of its concrete-production processes.

A groundbreaking new plasticizer, MasterEase substantially improves the rheology properties of concrete. The novel technology enables resource-saving concrete optimization and concrete surfaces of outstanding quality – properties that are of enormous benefit to Eder Group, particularly in the production of complex precast elements.

“The improvement in early strength enables two concreting cycles per day when required.”

Franz Josef Eder, Engineer and Managing Director, Systembau Eder

Systembau Eder in Peuerbach, Austria

The concrete products manufactured by Eder Group include prefabricated basements, prefabricated staircases, and twin-wall systems. In conjunction with its brick portfolio, the company thus provides the essentials – from basement to roof – for high-quality building construction. Eder also manufacture sophisticated custom precast elements in accordance with their customers’ specific requirements. “Meeting such specific customer requirements involves the use of many different types of formwork made of timber, steel or plastic”, Franz Josef Eder says. “And the concrete has to be suitable for all those types of formwork, which isn’t necessarily a ‘given’. MasterEase really helps us a lot here. Quality is consistent throughout, with sharp edges and without any air voids. This is what our customers expect.”


Using MasterEase, Systembau Eder gained substantial quantifiable and sustainable benefits. In numbers:

increased productivity

Improving concrete early strength, MasterEase doubles profitability.*Percentages based on case study carried out at Systembau Eder, Peuerbach, Austria.

less wastage

MasterEase enables a consistently uniform quality, sharp edges and void-free surfaces even in complex precast elements.*Percentages based on case study carried out at Systembau Eder, Peuerbach, Austria.

less energy consumption

Improving the rheology properties of concrete, MasterEase reduces abrasion as well as wear and tear during mixing, making the process more energy efficient.*Percentages based on case study carried out at Systembau Eder, Peuerbach, Austria.

“MasterEase substantially contributes to our profitability.”

Franz Josef Eder, Engineer and Managing Director, Systembau Eder

MasterEase also supports Systembau Eder in meeting unusual, nonstandard customer requirements: “Increasingly, our customers are demanding colored concrete; or surface treatments such as sand-blasting. In all of this, MasterEase truly is the perfect solution for us.” Franz Josef Eder specifically praises the significant increase in profitability enabled by MasterEase due to enhanced productivity and a significant reduction in wastage: “This is only in the per-mil range, and if required, we can even have two concreting cycles per day due to the improvement in early strength.”

“MasterEase has eliminated stickiness and the surface of the concrete often has the appearance of glass.”

Wolfgang Marisch, Technical Consultant, Master Builders Solutions

Sticky concrete is a handicap in precast-element production. MasterEase reduces concrete viscosity, improves the rheology of the material, and makes production processes more efficient, notes Wolfgang Marisch, Technical Consultant with Master Builders Solutions: “There is no resistance at all anymore, since all the stickiness has gone out of the concrete.” Marisch emphasizes the fact that MasterEase also enables the casting of highly complex elements: “Where previously edges and corners did not turn out satisfactorily, despite sufficient mechanical vibration, now, with the rheology of MasterEase, the concrete flows into every corner and joint.” Quality improves, and so do production processes. Marisch: “There is the significant advantage of extended equipment service-life, because there is less abrasion and less wear and tear. In fact, there is less resistance in all of the mixing equipment, and everything can be processed more easily.” In this way, MasterEase ensures perfect results and saves time and costs.

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