The concrete curing process is both costly and time consuming, especially in the precast industry where it is one of the key challenges.

fdu Betonwerke, one of the largest manufacturer of precast concrete elements in Germany relies on Master X-Seed, the unique hardening accelerator to halve hardening times, to lower energy costs and to reduce CO2 emissions.

Thomas Beike

“In the precast industry, it is all about minimizing the demolding times!”

Thomas Beike, Managing Director fdu Betonwerke

fdu Betonwerke, Germany

fdu is one of the largest manufacturer for precast concrete elements in Germany. Just in time production requires smooth and reliable processes. “Every building project is different”, says managing director Thomas Beike. One of the biggest challenges in the industry is to optimize the time and energy-consuming heat curing process: “We wanted to accelerate the process, to be more flexible and to increase output”, explains Mr. Beike. At fdu Betonwerke the new concrete hardener admixture Master X-Seed from Master Builders Solutions is the answer.

Quantified Sustainable Benefits

Using the revolutionary admixture Master X-Seed, fdu Betonwerke achieved significant Quantified Sustainable Benefits, in many of its plants, including:

Faster concrete hardening

Master X-Seed boosts the hardening process. This leads to shortened demolding times. Output of existing plant facilities can significantly be increased.*Figures provided are based on an actual case from the precast concrete element factory fdu Betonwerke, Germany

Lower energy costs

High early strength is achieved at low ambient and heat curing temperatures reducing the need for energy intensive supplementary heating of the molds.*Figures provided are based on an actual case from the precast concrete element factory fdu Betonwerke, Germany

Reduced CO2 footprint

A reduction of the CO2 footprint through binder optimization.*Figures provided are based on an actual case from the precast concrete element factory fdu Betonwerke, Germany

“The CO2 footprint has been reduced significantly.”

Thomas Beike, Managing Director fdu Betonwerke

The formworks for concrete elements usually have to remain in the heat chamber for twelve hours to harden. “That is time, energy and cost intensive”, says Mr. Beike. Master X-Seed is an advanced hardening accelerator that is added to the concrete mixture. The crystals in the admixture boost the early strength of the concrete. “We have reduced the curing time from twelve to six hours”, explains Mr. Beike. The elements can be demolded earlier to be delivered to the construction sites much faster. “The CO2 footprint has also been reduced significantly”, he adds.

“We see ourselves as a solution provider.”

Karsten Diehl, Head of Sales Master Builders Solutions North Germany, Master Builders Solutions

Concrete is one of the most commonly used materials in the world. “It is flexible, robust and can be shaped into any form”, says Master Builders Solutions Sales Manager and expert Karsten Diehl. At fdu Betonwerke, he and his team support the customer with on-site testing and control of concrete mixes. He knows that concrete is also a challenging material: “Its brittleness and the demanding hardening process and seasonal variations require individual solutions”. Thomas Beike and Karsten Diehl have been working together as close partners for several years to master the daily challenges of the precast manufacturer and to ensure optimal output. “We deliver more than just products”, says Mr. Diehl, “we see ourselves as a solution provider”.

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